Photo- and electroluminescence efficiency in soluble poly(dialky1-p-phenylenevinylene)


  • We are grateful to A. R. Brown, D. M. de Leeuw, and L. Molenkamp for valuable comments. E. Vossen and H. Zegers supplied and patterned the ITO substrates. This work was financed in part by the EEC under BRITEEURAM BRE2-CT93-0592 and ESPRIT Project 8013.


Efficient green electroluminescence from PPV derivatives that are readily processible in the conjugated state is reported. Derivatives of poly(p-phenylenevinylene), PPV, offer possible ways of controlling the emission color, facilitating processing, and enhancing the emission efficiency. The synthesis of soluble poly(dialky1-p-phenylenevinylene) is described and the dependence of the efficiency of photoluminescence and electroluminescence on the degree of conjugation 1s discussed.