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Advanced Materials

Ferromagnetic interactions in organic/molecular materials


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the extremely helpful discussions with and information supplied by Philippe Turek (Institut Charles Sadron–Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg), Minoru Kinoshita (University of Tokyo), Juan Novoa (Universidad de Barcelona), and Paul Rey (CEA, Grenoble). Furthermore, the support of CICyT, Spain (Grant No. MAT91/0553) and NEDO (Japan) are gratefully acknowledged. J. C. thanks the Generalitat de Catalunya for his doctoral grant.


Hydrogen bonding has been used as a crystalline design element in the synthesis of new organic molecular-based magnets. The H bonding controls not only the crystal packing of the organic open-shell molecualr solids ut also generates ferromagnetic interactions and propagates them along predetermined spatial directions. The background of molecular magnetism and the details of this new strategy are discussed.

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