Document delivery services—the future today?


  • Trevor Hing

    1. Blackwell Ltd. Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford OXI 2ET (UK)
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    • is the Group Information Technology Director of Blackwell Ltd. and holds Board level responsibility jor strategic IT direction across the Group both in the UK and overseas. He is also a member of the Board of the Uncover Company, a joint venture between the Carl Corporation, Denver and Blackwell Ltd. He is Vice-chairman qf ICEDIS the International Committee for EDI in serials. Prior to joining Blackwells in early 1989, he was the Development Manager for the UK bookselling and newspaper wholesale chain W. H. Smith where he held responsibility for all computer applications and networking developments across the complete spectrum of W. H. Smith's trading activities.


The world's literature delivered to your desk within hours or even minutes of a request. That is the dream of many researchers and the aim of a number of suppliers, including publishers, journal agents, and even telecommunication companies. The last five years have seen an explosive rowth in the demand and availability for such services. Thse trends are assessed from the point of view of Blackwells, one of the major developers of the services.