Synthesis and pyrolysis of liquid organometallic precursors for advanced Si-Ti-C-N composites


  • The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is acknowledged for financial support throughout the work. The authors would like to thank P. Gerstel, Dr. M. Keuthen, and Dr. J. Lücke, Institute for Materials Research (IMA), University of Bayreuth, for the synthesis of polysilazanes II and III.


Single-source precursors for hybrid nano-scaled SiC/Si3N4-TiC/TiN composites are reported. These precursors avoid the segregation of Ti and Si during pyrolysis and other probems associated with mixtures, blends, or slurries of precursors. They are liquids, oxygen-free (important due to the detrimental effects of oxide phases on the properties of non-oxide ceramics) and solvent-free, and employ polysilazane starting materials.