A new class of electron transport compounds: 1,3-bis-dicyanomethylene indanes


  • M. Van der Auweraer is a “Onderzoeksdirecteur” of the Belgian Fonds voor Kollektief Fundamenteel Onderzoek. J. Rommens thanks the Vlaams instituut voor de bevordering van het wetenschappelijk en technologisch onderzoek in de industrie (I. W. T.) for financial support. The continuing support of the Belgian Fonds voor Kollektief Fundamenteel Onderzoek and the Ministry of Science Programming through IUAP III-40 and IUAP I1-16 is gratefully acknowledged. The authors acknowledge D. Terrell (Agfa-Gevaert) for PDCMI and ADCMI films and C. Geelen for experimental assistance.


Electron transport layers, comprised of polymers doped with electron acceptor compounds have proved difficult to develop as teh inclusion of the acceptors generally results in poor solubility in coating solvents, limited miscibility and even toxic properties. The title compounds (see Figure) are soluble, miscible with a wide range of polymers, and show essentially to absorption in the visible region of the spectrum.

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