Synthesis of AIPO4-5 aluminumphosphate molecular sieve crystals for membrane applications by microwave heating**


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    The authors thank Drs. Jancke for X-ray analysis. Kölsch for permeation measurements and Betzel from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory for the XRD measurements at the HASYLAB. Drs. Lohse. Marlow and Mrs. Hoffmann are thanked for stimulating discussions. This work was supported by the DARA (grant 50 WM 9245) and the BMWi via the DECHEMA (grant AiF 10006 B).


Aluminum phosphate molecular sieves with well-shaped hexagonal column-like morpholgoy (see Figure) have been produced by applying microwave heating to a gel. The crystals are effective materials for application in one-dimensional membranes for molecular sieving. As can be seen in the figure, crystals containing a central tubular void can also be produced

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