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Advanced Materials

Synthesis of novel polymers containing cyclobutadiene thiophene and alkyne units: polymeric organometallic mesogens**


  • **

    This work has been supported by the DFG, Stiftung Volkswagenwerk, and the Fonds der Chcmisehen Industric. UHFB is a DFG scholar (1994-1996) and thanks Prof. K. Müllen and A. Bunz for generous support.


A new class of organometallic liquid-crystalline rigid-rod polymers containing thiophene (see Figure) are reported and it is shown how their phase behavior can be tuned through variation of the side groups. The crystallization of the compound shown in the Figure proceeds through a transient lyotropic smectic state, a state hitherto unknown in polymeric organometallic systems

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