Origins of the spontaneous magnetization in MnPS3 Intercalates: A Magnetic Susceptibility and Powder Neutron Diffraction Study**


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    The authors would like to thank a number of people for their kind assistance during the course of this work; Ron Smith for assistance in collecting some of the neutron diffraction data; Peter de Groot and co-workers (University of Southampton), Anthony Powell (Heriot-Watt University) and the Royal Institution of Great Britain for re-measurement of saturation magnetization values to help confirm our results; and the British Council Alliance Scheme and EPSRC for financial support.


A link between metal vacancy sites and magnetic ordering in the ion exchange intercalates of MnPS3 has been established. High-temperature X-ray pattersn show that the formation of a metal vacancy superstructure and the transition to the magnetically ordered state are intimately linked, providing strong evidence that spontaneous magnetization results from the imblanace of spins on the two sublattices of the antiferromagnetically ordered host lattice leading to net ferrimagnetism.