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Advanced Materials

Bis(ethylenethio)tetrathiafulvalene (BET-TTF), an organic donor with high electrical conductivity


  • E. C. would like to thank the CNRS for a sabbatical which made the stay at the ICMAB possible. M. C. R. and J. T. acknowledge CIRIT and CICYT for their doctoral grants. This work was supported by grants from the Programa Nacional de Quimica Fina (CIRIT-CICyT, Grant QFN93-4510-CO1), the DGICYT (Project PB92-0655-C02-02), the Human Capital and Mobility Program of the EU (ERBCHRX CT93-0271) and the National Science Foundation (Grant DMR-9223481).


Molecular charge transfer salts based on the highly conducting organic donor BET–TTF and small inorganic anions are presented. How the conductivity of the donor is related to its crystal structure has been investigated and the properties of the organic metal CT salts are discussed.

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