Heterocyclic heptamers containing thiophene and pyrrole units: Synthesis and properties


  • We thank the Joint Materials Science Program of The University of Alabama for a research fellowship (to J. P. P. ). Additional support was obtained from grants from the National Science Foundation (CHE9224899) and the U. S. Department of Energy (DE-FG05–86ER/3465).


Studies on septithiophenes are relatively rare compared to the available detailed investigations of sexithiophenes. The balance is redressed here by a report of the synthesis, electrochemistry and spectroscopic properties of a new α,ω-disubstituted septithiophene and two pyrrole-containing septithiophene and two pyrrole-containing septithiophene analogues. Two different routes are described by which it was attempted to impart solubility in organic solvents to septithiophenes–one unsuccessful and one successful. Evidence of an unusual three-electron transfer process is also presented.