Polarized photoluminescence of oligothiophenes in nematic liquid crystalline matrices


  • We acknowledge Philips Research Laboratories for generously providing the oligothiophenes synthesized by W. ten Hoeve, H. Wynberg, E. E. Havinga, and E. W. Meijer. Valuable Experimental help of Jim Bourassa, Mark Urish, and Günther Ahlers is gratefully acknowledged. The research at UCSB was supported by the National Science Foundation under DMR9300366.


The macroscopic alignment of an extended conjugated oligomer by the simple means of embedding it in a liquid crystalline matrix and utilizing the properties of the host is demonstrated. That the orientation of the oligothiophene, in this case α-sexithiophenyl, can be dynamically switched with the host nematic lattice upon application of an electric field is observed by the switching of the polarized photoluminescence. This simple procedure for orientation opens up new areas for detailed study of this class of materials.