Fabrication of three-dimensional micro-structures: Microtransfer molding


  • This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (PHY 9312572) and the Office of Naval Research and the Advanced Research Projects Agency. This work made use of MRSEC Shared Facilities supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number DMR-9400396. X.-M.Z. and Y.X. thank Yuanchang Lu and Stephen Shepared for their assistance in using these facilities. X.-M.Z. thanks Dr. Christian Marzolin for providing the spin-on glass used in the experiments. The authors thank Prof. M. Prentiss and Ben Brown for helping them to test the polymeric waveguides.


Microtransfer molding is a new technique for rapidly fabricating micrometer-scale structures over large areas (3.5 cm × 0.8 cm). This new technique, which involves the solidification of a liquid precursor in an elastomeric mold, can generate microstructures of organic polymers and ceramics such as that shown in the Figure on both planar and contoured surfaces and is able to make three-dimensional structures layer by layer.

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