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Advanced Materials

Semiconductor nanotube formation by a two-step template process


  • Dr. Patrick Hoyer

    Corresponding author
    1. Schott Research Center, Hattenbergstrasse 10, D-55122 Mainz (Germany)
    • Schott Research Center, Hattenbergstrasse 10, D-55122 Mainz (Germany)
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  • A research scholarship for a research visit to the group of Prof. H. Masuda, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, provided by the German Research Foundation (DFG) is gratefully appreciated.


Multistep template synthesis offers an easy and general route to complicated nanostructures. A two-step replication procedure is described that can be used to prepare nanotubes of titanium dioxide (see Figure) or other semiconducting materials. The requirements placed on the starting material, the synthesis route, and the TiO2 deposition mechanism are considered and filling of the tubes is briefly discussed.

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