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Advanced Materials

Imaging the structure of the p-n junction in polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells


  • We thank Prof. David Cahen (Weizmann Institute) for suggesting the spatially resolved measurements and Prof. P. Petroff (UCSB) for making the OBIC instrumentation available to us. We thank Dr. G. Yu (UNIAX) and M. McGehee (UCSB) for help in the early phases of this research, work at UCSB was supported by the office of naval research (ONR) under n00014-91-J-1235 and by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI RP8007-21); work at UNIAX was partially supported by ONR under N00014-95-C-0356.


Light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) offer a new approach to light-emitting devices fabricated from semiconducting polymers. The p-n junction formed in situ in an LEC through electrochemical doping has been imaged in the surface cell configuration by measuring the doping profile, the electric field profile within the junction, and the electroluminescence emission profile. The methods used are described and the results interpreted to provide a detailed picture of the structure of the p-n junction.

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