A new method for the preparation of conductive polyaniline solutions: Application to liquid crystal devices


  • We are grateful to Dr. David Haselkorn of Biotechnology General, Israel, for revising the manuscript, to Mr. Patrick Nolan of Merck, England, for providing the PDLC precursor materials, and to Mr. Chaim Barak of the Weizmann Institute, Israel, for the excellent photographs.


Transparent “all-polymer” electrodes are promising candidates for applications in LCDs and LEDs and LEDs. A novel approach for making a new polyaniline-based polymer is described, efficient solubilization of the conductive from of polyaniline is reported, and use of the resulting conductive polymer solutions for LCDs demonstrated. The Figure shows a bent polymer-dispersed LCD with transparent “all-polymer” electrodes in the “on” (transparent) state.

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