Oligo(siloxane) rings and cages possessing nickel-containing liquid crystal side chains


  • This research was supported by the EPSRC Polymer and Composites Committee in the form of a Research Assistantship (GR/K/08567) to Dr. I. M. Saez. Dr. Peter Styring is the DRA Sponsored Lecturer. The authors thank Raychem Ltd for the GPC analyses and the University of Sheffield Analytical Services for the acquisition of FAB MS and osmometry data. Spectroscopic analysis was performed by the University of Hull Analytical Services. We also thank Dr. Georg H. Mehl and Tim E. Mann for useful discussions.


A liquid-crystalline coordination compound immobilized on an oligomeric superstructure free from cross-linking (see Figure) is reported for the first time. A highly versatile synthetic methodology is described that allows unsymmetrical, mono-functionalized, metal-containing liquid-crystalline coordination complexes to be prepared. Related materials may find uses as novel catalysts.

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