Advanced Materials

Demonstration of a nanolithographic technique using a self-assembled monolayer resist for neutral atomic cesium


  • This work was supported in part by NSF grant PHY 9312572 and made use of the Harvard MRSEC shared facilities. The authors acknowledge Hans Robinson, Dr. Hans Biebuyck, Dr. James L. Wilbur, and Dr. Jabez McClelland, for assistance with the initial stages of this work. The authors also thank Dr. Yuanchang Lu for assistance in generating SEM images, Joseph Thywissen for a careful reading of the manuscript, and Kent Johnson, Dr. Andreas Bard, and Dr. John Gillaspy for many helpful discussions.


A new lithographic method of making nanostructures is demonstrated in which a patterned beam of neutral cesium atoms is used to damage a ∼1.2-nm-thick self-assembled monolayer resist of alkanethiolates on gold. The attractive features of cesium for atomic lithography and the current techniques for neutral atom lithography are sketched. The method is detailed and investigations of the damage to the surface are described. This can be viewed as a first step towards fabricating nanostructures in silicon using optically patterned neutral atomic beams.