Template-directed synthesis of aragonite under supramolecular hydrogen-bonded langmuir monolayers


  • We thank S. Weiner and L. Addadi for their critical review of this manuscript and F. Bruno and J. M. Didymus for technical assistance. We are grateful to C. Sung for TEM and V. Tsukruk and V. Bliznyuk for AFM support.


The design of supramolecular templates to direct the synthesis of organized inorganic materials is illustrated for aragonite (CaCo3), which is metastable under ambient conditions but found in gallstones, fish otoliths, etc. Spreading of the template 5-hexadecyloxyisophthalic acid at the air/water interface is shown to result in the specific nucleation of aragonitc (see Figure) from supersaturated calcium bicarbonate solution without additives.

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