Phasmids and Polycatenar Mesogens


  • The authors thank Dr. H. Allouchi, Dr. M. Cotrait, Dr. D. Guillon, Dr. A. M. Levelut, and Dr. A. Skoulios for stimulating discussion and for interest in this work. This article will also appear in Handbook of Liqttid Crystals (Eds: D. Demus, J. W. Gooddby, G. W. Grav, H. W. Spiess, V. Vill). VCH. Weinheim 1997.


Polycatenar mesogens have a shape intermediate between classical rod-like and disc-like liquid crystals which allows practically all the mesomorphic symmetrics to be obtained with the same molecular core by varying the temperature or the number and position of grafted chains (see Figure: R = H(CH2)nO). The synthesis, mesomorphic properties, and structures of polycatenar mesogens are reviewed, with emphasis on the structure–properties relationship.

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