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Microlithographic process for patterning conjugated emissive polymers


  • This research was financed by the Office of Naval Research. Useful discussions with Professors Lynn Fuller and Bruce Smith at the Rochester Institute of Technology as well as use of microlithographic facilities at the University of Rochester Institute of Optics are gratefully acknowledged. We also thank Jams Sheoits and Homer Antoniadis for help in device fabrication and numorous fruitful discussions. Fluorescent photomicroscopy courtesy of Lynn Spitz.


The spatially confined synthesis of emissive conjugated polymers—compatible with existing 1C fabrication technology—is described, which can be used to create well-defined micrometerscale patterned organic LEDs (see cover). The Figure shows the first step in the photolithographic process, which is followed by irradication, to produce a latent image, and development, resulting in patterned polymer.

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