Mesoporous materials by templating of liquid crystalline phases


  • The authors thank George S. Attard for the collaboration on the “True Liquid Crystal Approach”. Susanne Henke for the electron microscopy. Hans-Peter Hentze for the work on the organic polymer. Markus C. Weienberger for the preparation of monoliths. Brigitte Klein for preparative assistance, and Marc André Micha and Christian Burger for the evaluation of the X-ray data as well as very helpful discussions. Financial support from the tax-Planck-Gesellschaft is gratefully acknowledged.


The first mesoporous materials (pore diameter between 20 and 100 Å) were discovered just five eyars ago. A new approach to mesoporous materials by direct templating of lyotropic liquid crystals is reviewed and compared with strategies reported previously. The direct templating method is shown to be very verstile. It is suggested that the resulting materials can almost be termed “second generation” mesoporous materials, mesoporous materials, owing to the broad variety of mesoporous structure and size, high degree of ordering, and low incidence of defects.