Microcontact printing and electroplating on curved substrates: Production of free-standing three-dimensional metallic microstructures


  • This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (PHY-9312572). ONR and DARPA. and by the William F. Milton Fund of the Harvard Medical School. It also used MRSEC Shared Facilities supported by the NSF under award number DMR-94(X)396. JAR gratefully acknowledges funding from the Harvard University Society of Fellows, and RJJ gratefully acknowledges a scholarship from NSFRC of Canada.


Parts for microelectromechanical systems often need to be three dimensional (3D) and have sizes in the micrometer range. A novel method is described for the convenient fabrication of such 3D microstructures by means of microcontact printing, electrodeposition, and removal of the substrate. The technique is illustrated with the fabrication of structures with the form required for coronary stents (see Figure).

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