Chiroptical properties of poly{2, 5-bis[(S)-2-methylbutoxy]-1, 4-phenylene vinylene}


  • We thank Dr. H. F. M. Schoo of Philips Research for valuable comments and discussions. These investigations were supported by the Netherlands Foundations for Chemical Research (SON) with financial aid from the Netherlands Technology Foundation (project number 349-3562). Philips Research is gratefully acknowledged for an unrestricted research grant.


The photoluminescent and electroluminescent properties of conjugated polymers are, in part, controlled by interchain interactions in solid films. A study of the (chir)optical properties of optically active BMB-PPV (see Figure) shows that circular dichroism spectroscopy is very powerful in detecting association of the polymer. Two different forms of BMB-PPV are reported to be present in solution, depending on the solvent.

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