Growth of silicalite films on pre-assembled layers of nanoscale seed crystals on piezoelectric chemical sensors


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge funding from the US National Science Foundation (T.B.), the National Research Council (TW inning Program, S.M. and T.B.), the Bulgarian Ministry of Science and Education, under contract X497 (V.V. and SM.), and the Swedish Research Council for Engineering Sciences (TFR; B.S. and J.S.), S. Mo is a recipient of a Motorola Partnerships in Research Grant.


Zeolite-modified quartz crystal microbalances are demonstrated to have excellent characteristics as chemical sensors. The Figure illustrates the synthetic strategy used to form the zeolite film on the electrode: the gold electrode (left) is covered with a partially crosslinked surface of siloxy groups, to which a cationic polymer is attached. The colloidal silicalite-1 crystals (blocks) act as seeds for the growth of an oriented silicalite layer.

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