An alternative synthetic route to soluble polyetherimide derivatives with high second-order optical nonlinearity


  • This research was supported by the Korea Science & Engineering Foundation. We thank Dr. J. Zieba and Prof. P. N. Prasad for their help in determining the Sl IG activity of our samples.

  • Dedicated to Dr. Suh-Bong Rhee on the occasion of his 60th birthday.


Processible polytherimide-based polymers that display nonlinear optical (NLO) activity are reported to have been synthesized by the Mitsunobu reaction, in which the polyimide structure is synthesized directly in a single step from a diimide and a diol, without a high-temperature thermal imidization step. The resulting polymers, with pendant-incorporated tricyanovinyl azobenzene chromophores, showed very large second-order NLO activity with good temporal and thermal stability—in one case no decay of the signal was observed up to 125°C.