Advanced Materials

Design of strongly NLO-active molecularly-based ferromagnets


  • Support from the European COST Action D4/0001/95 on the multifunctional work is gratefully acknowledged. We are also grateful to Dr. P. Lacroix (Toulouse) for stimulating discussions.


Molecule-based ferromagnets that exhibit strong second-harmonic generation (SHG) are presented here for the first time. The strategy for producing such materials—replace the “innocent” bulky cations (C) in the C[M′M(ox)3] family of bimetallic magnets (M′ is e.g. Mn and M = CrIII or FeIII; the Figure shows the structure) by hyperpolarizable cationic chromophores—is described and X-ray, magnetic, and SHG results are reported.

original image