TRAIN-IT—Training for Potential Innovators in Information Technology


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge European Funding under contract 25756 in the framework of the IST program administered by DG XIII. We also acknowledge editorial work by Jesko Hussla and encouragement by Dennis Timm. We are gratful to the team of IZET for continuous support and, finally, we want to expressly highlight the important contributions of our TRAIN-IT project partner organizations to the successful performance of the work, and valuable contributions made by the EC project officer Norman Sadeh.


Entrepreneurship in high-tech applications based on information and communication technologies (IT and CT) is becoming more important with fast growing markets worldwide in the field of information society technologies. In this essay is described the rationale behind TRAIN-IT, a new training program funded by the European Commission whose main objective is to quickly bridge the gap between IT technologists and IT investors. TRAIN-IT is expected to give rise to thirty new IT companies in the next two years. First results, statistics, ans stories are reported after one year of work.