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Advanced Materials

Block Copolymers as a Tool for Nanomaterial Fabrication


  • Our own activities in the field are financed by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia. (MAT2002-00824: Synthesis and properties of 1D, 2D, and 3D magnetic nanomaterials). M. L. also acknowledges the financial support from the European Union for his stay at the University of Santiago (MCFI-2001-0837: Polymeric membranes with tunable nanochannels for the electrodeposition of metal nanowires) and the University of Torino for conceding research leave.


In this review the latest developments regarding the use of self-assembled copolymers for the fabrication of nanomaterials will be presented and their real potential evaluated. Most of the strategies reported so far are herewith classified under two main approaches: a) use of block copolymers as nanostructured materials, either “as they are” or through a selective isolation of one or more component blocks, and b) as templates for the synthesis of metallic or semiconducting nanomaterials. The problems of the orientation and large-scale order of self-organizing block copolymer mesophases will be also introduced, due to their importance as a route towards further improvements of the nanofabrication means.

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