Can Carbon Nanotubes be Considered Useful Tools for Biological Applications?


  • We are grateful to our colleagues (C. D. Partidos, N. Tagmatarchis, V. Georgakilas, D. Pantarotto, J. Hoebeke, F. Brown, E. Kramer, J.-P. Briand, and S. Muller) for their contributions to the work described in this paper. This work was supported by CNRS and MIUR (cofin. 2002, prot. 2002032171).


Carbon nanotubes can be made soluble in both organic solvents and in aqueous solutions by organic functionalization. In particular, soluble carbon nanotubes can be further derivatized by coupling with amino acids and bioactive peptides. Immobilization of peptides to the external walls of carbon nanotubes may find interesting applications in diagnostics, vaccine and drug delivery, or multipresentation of bioactive molecules.