Effect of Molecular Orientation of Epitaxially Grown Platinum(II) Octaethyl Porphyrin Films on the Performance of Field-Effect Transistors


  • The authors thank Dr. Kaoru Tamada (AIST) and Mr. S. Nagamatsu (AIST, Kyushu Institute of Technology) for fruitful discussions related to AFM and FET measurements, respectively. This work was financially supported by NRL, Ministry of Education of Korea, through the BK21 program and SRC (Center for Electro- and Photoresponsive Molecules) of KOSEF. One of the authors (Mr. Y.-Y. Noh) was supported by the Japan–Korea Industrial Technology Co-operation Foundation through the winter institute (WI-9) program for his visit to AIST.


The molecular alignment of platinum(II) octaethyl porphyrin (PtOEP) crystals evaporated on KBr (see atomic force microscopy image, Figure) can be readily changed from perpendicular to parallel by changing the substrate temperature. The field-effect mobility of transisitors prepared using epitaxially grown PtOEP films aligned perpendicularly to a substrate is 100 times higher than that of those of parallel alignment.