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Advanced Materials

Hierarchical Pattern Replication by Polymer Demixing


  • We thank W. Zulehner and Wacker-Chemie GmbH for supplying the silicon wafers. This work was partially funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) through the Sonderforschungsbereich 513 and the priority program of the DFG “wetting and structure formation at surfaces”, and by the Dutch “Stichting voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie” (FOM).


Structures with a lateral size of ≈ 100 nm have been created using a new replication method based on the demixing of a ternary polymer mixture during spin-coating. The technique, which relies on the interfacial wetting of one of the polymer components at the interface of the other two, produces structures (see Figure) that are significantly smaller than the lateral dimensions of the substrate prepattern.

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