Multifunctional Sodium Lanthanide Silicates: From Blue Emitters and Infrared S-Band Amplifiers to X-Ray Phosphors


  • The Financial support from FCT, POCTI, and FEDER is gratefully acknowledged. We thank J. Soares and M. Soares for assistance in luminescence and X-ray measurements.


A judicious choice of the lanthanide cation and its content in the Na3(Y1–aMa)Si3O9 (M=Tm3+, Tb3+; a = 0–1) system allows the optical properties to be tuned over a very wide range. The materials have the same framework structure and encompass thulium-based blue- and infrared-emitters and terbium-based X-ray phosphors (see spectra in Figure). The emission can be controlled in some infrared regions by varying the Y3+/Tm3+ molar ratio.