Palladium Nanotubes with Tailored Wall Morphologies


  • Support from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (WE 2637/1-1 and WE 496/19-1) and the donation of polylactides form Böhringer Ingelheim are gratefully acknowledged. We thank Petra Göring, Jinsub Choi, Kornelius Nielsch, Katrin Schwirn, Stefan Schweizer, Jörg Schilling, and Sven Matthias for the preparation of the templates, as well as Dr. H. Hofmeister for additional TEM investigations.


Wetting of porous templates by multi-component mixtures followed by demixing and controlled morphology ripening is a universal method to prepare nanotubes with tailored wall morphologies (see Figure). This is demonstrated here exemplarily by means of palladium nanotubes with a specific nano-roughness and porosity.