Shear and Young's Moduli of MoS2 Nanotube Ropes


  • We thank G. Beney for polishing the Al2O3 membranes together with J.-P. Salvetat and G. A. D. Briggs for interesting discussions. The access to electron microscopes was kindly provided by the Centre Interdépartmental de Microscopie Electronique (CIME) at the EPFL.


The interaction between individual nanotubes in MoS2 bundles is investigated here using an atomic force microscope (AFM). Upon elastically deforming the ropes with the AFM, the value of the bending modulus of the MoS2 tube ensemble could be evaluated. This is turn could be used to obtain a lower estimate of the shear and Young's moduli of the nanotubes. The results indicate that the MoS2 ropes are highly anisotropic and that the interaction between the individual tubes comprising the rope is very weak.