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Advanced Materials

Electrocatalytic Properties of Thin Mesoporous Platinum Films Synthesized Utilizing Potential-Controlled Surfactant Assembly


  • We thank Dr. Christof Brändli and Thomas Jaramillo for fruitful discussion and help with electron beam evaporation. This work was supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant DMR-96-34396 and the DOE Hydrogen Program under grant DE-FC36-01G011092. It made use of the Materials Research Laboratory central facilities supported by the National Science Foundation under Award DMR-00-80034.


A new electrochemical strategy has been developed for the production of mesoporous Pt films (see Figure). The method utilizes only a thin interfacial region of surfactant–inorganic assemblies formed on the working electrode to produce nanostructured films. The resulting films possess high surface areas that lead to enhanced electrocatalytic properties toward methanol oxidation compared to those of non-mesoporous Pt films.

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