High-Brightness Blue Light-Emitting Polymer Diodes via Anode Modification Using a Self-Assembled Monolayer


  • We thank the ONR through the CAMP MURI (N00014-95-1-1319), the U. S. Display Consortium, and the NSF-MRSEC program through the Northwestern Materials Research Center (DMR-0076097) for support of this research. We thank N. R. Armstrong, P. Lee, and A. Graham of the University of Arizona for UPS measurements.


Device perfomance of a blue-emitting polyfluorene-based single-layer light-emitting diode are considerably enhanced by the inclusion of a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of a hole-transporting material (see Figure). The SAM of silyl-functionalized triarylamine (TPD-Si2) is inserted between the ITO anode and the active layer, offering improved hole injection, low visible absorption, and high stability.