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Advanced Materials

Enhancement of Photocatalytic and Electrochromic Properties of Electrochemically Fabricated Mesoporous WO3 Thin Films


  • Major funding was provided by the Hydrogen Program of the Department of Energy (DOE, Grant # DER-FC36-01G011092). Partial funding and facilities were provided by the NSF-MRSEC funded Materials Research Laboratory (Award # DMR96-32716). Partial funding (GDS) was also supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF Grant # DMR02-33728).


Mesoporous WO3 films with a lamellar structure (see Figure) have been synthesized by electrodeposition using sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) as a templating agent. Compared to non-porous WO3 prepared with isopropanol instead of SDS, lamellar phase mesoporous WO3 showed higher photocatalytic activity and greater current density for hydrogen intercalation, probably due to the larger surface area of mesoporous WO3 and more facile charge transport.

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