Improved Hydrogen Storage Properties of Ti-Doped Sodium Alanate Using Titanium Nanoparticles as Doping Agents


  • This work was partially supported by Adam Opel AG, BSR Solar Technologies, and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie in addition to the basic funding by the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. We would also like to acknowledge the input of the other members of the hydrogen storage team, J. M. Bellosta von Colbe, M. Germann, M. Mamatha, W. Schmidt, A. Taguchi, C. Weidenthaler, and B. Zibrovius.


By using nanosized doping agents, the properties of Ti-catalyzed NaAlH4 storage systems are considerably improved. Hydrogenation–dehydrogenation cyclic testing shows that with nanosized TiN dopants, storage capacities of 5 wt.-% H2 could be achieved. Doping with nanosized Ti brought hydrogenation times close to those required for practical applications, combined with high capacity (4.5 wt.-% H2, see Figure).