Enhanced Luminance of Blue Light-Emitting Polymers by Blending with Hole-Transporting Materials


  • We appreciate 3M's cooperation with LITI technology and LITI donor films. And, we also thank Covion organic semiconductor GmbH for their support with LEPs. Dr. Min Chul Suh is grateful to Dr. Martin Wolk (3M) and Dr. Nam Choul Yang (SDI) for their helpful discussion and comments.


Laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI) has been used to pattern polymeric light-emitting devices (see Figure). Most commercial light-emitting polymers (LEPs) are not suitable for LITI because of strong cohesion within the LEP layer. To reduce this and achieve excellent image quality, transfer layers based on blends of LEPs and inert polymers were used. The introduction of amorphous hole-transporting materials also enhanced the brightness of the devices.