Metal Transfer Printing and Its Application in Organic Field-Effect Transistor Fabrication


  • This work was subsidized by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for General (20023003, 20274050) and Major (50290090) Program and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China (50125311), and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China for Special Pro-funds for Major State Basic Research Projects (2002CCAD4000). The authors also thank the Chinese Academy of Sciences for Distinguished Talents Program and Intellectual Innovations Project (KGCX2-205-03), and Jilin Province for Distinguished Young Scholars Fund (20010101).


The fabrication of multilayer microstructures, for example for organic field-effect transistors, using metal transfer printing (MTP) is demonstrated. The Figure shows a two-layer gold structure produced by MTP. Since MTP is a purely additive technique, in which mechanical adhesion acts as the patterning driving force, it is considered an attractive approach to reel-to-reel processing.