Electrospinning of Continuous Carbon Nanotube-Filled Nanofiber Yarns


  • This work was supported in part by NASA Grant NAG 101061 and by ARO through the MURI program on Functionally Tailored Fibers and Textiles. Raman microspectrometer purchase was supported by NSF through grant DMR-0116645. The TEM work was done at the regional characterization facilities of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104 (USA).


The creation of continuous nanoscale composite fibrils from carbon nanotubes using an electrospinning process is reported. Nanotube bundles align in the fiber, and upon heat treatment, the composite fibrils are carbonized at 1100 °C to form the SWNT/carbon yarns. The fibrils show superior mechanical properties and can be used as a reinforcement for a variety of materials.