Control of Coercivity in Organic-Based Solid Solution VxCo1–x[TCNE]2·zCH2Cl2 Room Temperature Magnets


  • The continued partial support by the Department of Energy Division of Materials Science (Grant Nos. DE-FG03-93ER45504, DE-FG02-01ER45931, DE-FG02-86ER45271, and DEFG0296ER12198), DARPA through ONR (Grant No. N00014-02-1-0593) and Army Research Office (Grant No. DAAD19-01-1-0562) is gratefully acknowledged.


Solid solutions of VxCo1–x[TCNE]2 composition have been prepared from the reaction of V(CO)6 and Co2(CO)8 in dichloromethane. All magnetically order above 280 K for x > 0.05 and their coercivity increases with decreasing x, reaching a maximum of 270 Oe for x = 0.3 (see Figure). Hence, the magnetic properties of this magnet can be finely tuned via a synthetic organic chemistry methodology.