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Advanced Materials

Deformation of Nanoscopic Polymer Structures in Response to Well-Defined Capillary Forces


  • This work is based in part on grants from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (2002-MJ-985), the NSF Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team program (CTS-0210588), the Camille Dreyfus Teacher–Scholar Awards Program, Sematech, and Intel Corporation. The Center for NanoTechnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is supported in part by DARPA/ONR (N00014-97-1-0460). The authors thank Agere Systems for providing access to the electron-beam lithography tool and related facilities.


The development of strategies to measure the properties of materials with nanoscopic dimensions is a necessary but challenging topic in nanoscale science and technology. Here, combinatorial arrays of specially designed test structures are used to quantify the deformation of micro- and nanoscale polymer beams in response to well-defined capillary forces. In the Figure, increasing capillary forces from left to right act on beams 95 nm wide.

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