Compound Core–Shell Polymer Nanofibers by Co-Electrospinning


  • The Technion group acknowledges the support of its work by the Israel Science Foundation and the Israel Academy of Science, Grant 287/00-1. Assistance by Dr. B. Lerman, A. Theron, and A. Beiganiz in material processing is greatly appreciated. The Marburg group is indebted to Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (Z.S.) and to Fonds der Chemischen for financial support. Donation of PLA by Boehringer Ingelheim is kindly acknowledged. Expert assistance in electron microscopy by Dr. A. Schaper and M. Hellwig is greatly appreciated.


Co-electrospinning of core–shell polymer nanofibers (see Figure) is introduced. This process can be used for manufacturing of coaxial nanofibers made of pairs of different materials. Non-spinnable materials can be forced into 1D arrangements by co-electrospinning using a spinnable shell polymer. The method results in a novel two-stage approach for fabrication of nanotubes instead of the previously used three-stage process.