General Synthesis of Ordered Crystallized Metal Oxide Nanoarrays Replicated by Microwave-Digested Mesoporous Silica


  • This work was supported by NSF of China (Grant No. 29925309, 20233030, and 20173012), Shanghai Nanotech Promotion Center (0212nm043, and 0144nm067), State Key Basic Research Program of P.R. China (2002AA321010, 2001CB610506).


Microwave-digested (MWD) mesoporous materials are shown for the first time to be powerful hosts (templates) for the production of various crystalline metal oxide nanowire (the Figure shows a model) or nanosphere arrays via a simple impregnation and thermolysis synthesis. Some of the metal oxides (e.g., Co3O4) exhibit ordered structures on both meso- and atomic scales.