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Large-Area Two-Dimensional Mesoscale Quasi-Crystals


  • Support from Hong Kong RGC grants HKUST6145/00P, N_HKUST033/00, and CA02/03.SC01, and the Institute of Nano Science and Technology of HKUST is gratefully acknowledged. We thank N. Wang (HKUST) and H. Z. Wang (Zhongshan University) for enlightening discussions, and C. W. Lee and Y. K. Pang for technical helps. The argon ion laser used is from the Joyce M. Kuok Laser and Photonics Laboratory of HKUST. X. Wang is on leave from the School of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology.


A holographic lithography technique is used to fabricate large 2D Penrose quasi-crystals (see Figure, scale bar: 5 μm). The method combines holography and photo-induced polymerization techniques and is applied for the first time to fabricate quasi-crystals. This method is very versatile and relatively inexpensive in fabricating various mesoscale to nanostructures.

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