Tiling Silicalite-1 Nanoslabs into 3D Mosaics


  • The work was supported by the Belgian government through the IAP-PAI network. S. P. B. K., C. E. A. K., and J. A. M. acknowledge the ESA Prodex office for financial support. C. E. A. K. acknowledges the Flemish FWO for a postdoctoral fellowship. A gift of triblock copolymer by Frank Busschots (BASCOM Belgium) was highly appreciated. We thank F. Collignon for assistance in the analysis of N2 adsorption isotherms and D. Van Dyck for useful discussions on the HREM image contrast.


Three new zeotiles, materials combining the advantages of micro- and mesoporous silica materials and capable of withstanding 300 °C, have been designed by tiling Silicalite-1 nanoslabs. The Figure shows the projected silicate framework of one of the zeotiles in yellow, superimposed on a high resolution electron microscopy simulated image. Applications of the zeotiles as molecular sieves and carriers for catalytic functions may be expected.