A Single Photochromic Molecular Switch with Four Optical Outputs Probing Four Inputs


  • H. T. acknowledges support by the NSFC/China, Education Committee of Shanghai, and Scientific Committee of Shanghai. The authors greatly appreciate Prof. A. Prasanna de Silva (Queen's University) and the referees for their helpful and valuable comments—some sentences in the discussion originate from their comments and suggestions. Supporting information for this article is available online or from the author.


The fluorescence, including the intensity and emission peaks, and enhanced photochromism of a simple photochromic compound, bis(5-pyridyl-2-methylthien-3-yl)cyclopentene (Py-BTE) can be reversibly regulated by alternating ultraviolet/visible light irradiation and addition of Zn2+ and protons. A new combinational molecular logic switch with four optical outputs responding to four inputs (see Figure) is proposed.