Efficient Organic Blue-Light-Emitting Devices with Double Confinement on Terfluorenes with Ambipolar Carrier Transport Properties


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Council (Grant No. NSC 92–2215-E-002–011, NSC 91–2113 M-002–025) and the Ministry of Education of Republic of China.


Ter(9,9-diarylfluorene)s (TDAFs) exhibit many intriguing properties promising for blue light-emitting devices, such as high thin-film photoluminescence quantum yields (∼ 90 %), high glass-transition temperatures (> 200 °C), and an unusual ambipolar carrier-transport capability. Successful implementation of a double- heterostructure device configuration that provides effective confinement of both carriers and excitons in TDAFs results in an electroluminescence performance (5.3 % external quantum efficiency) promising for application in blue-emitting devices.