In-Situ Growth of “Fused”, Ozonized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes—CdTe Quantum Dot Junctions


  • We acknowledge financial support through startup funds provided by SUNY Stony Brook and BNL as well as to the donors of the ACS-PRF. SSW thanks 3M for a non-tenured faculty award. We also thank Prof. Jianyu Huang, James E. Quinn, Craig Silverman, and Drew Hirt for their help with HRTEM, SEM/TEM, Raman, and XPS results, respectively.


A molecular-scale interface, consisting of a “fused” heterojunction between a nanotube and a quantum dot, has been prepared. This work is significant for the construction of functional hierarchical assemblies with unique properties. The Figure shows a schematic representation of a CdTe quantum dot grown directly onto the oxygenated surface of an ozonized single-walled carbon nanotube template (see also inside cover).